Medical Examinations

Medical Instructions for Immigrant Visa including Diversity Visa Applicants

Applicants for immigrant visas are required to have medical examinations by the U.S. Embassy approved panel physicians prior to issuing a visa. Certain laboratory tests such as, syphilis test and chest x-ray are also required. Applicants are advised to bring with them copies of any medical record, prior x-rays and immunization records.

The fees for medical examinations and tests are the responsibility of the applicants. For each applicant, the fees are:

  • Physical examination and documentation: 60,000 FCFA
  • Blood test: 55,000 FCFA
  • Chest x-ray and radiology: 30,000 FCFA
  • Tuberculosis Test (for children under 15): 85,000 FCFA
  • Vaccines: Refer to the panel physicians instructions

Panel physicians are:

Dr. Anne Brunet Apithy Dr. Nouara Azzaz
Cabinet Medical Apithy Centre Médical Haie Vive
B.P.: 06 2470 Cotonou, Benin 05 B.P.: 1258 Cotonou, Benin
Tel: (229) 21-30-15-62 / 66-53-99-76

(229) 97-91-37-99 / 95-96-10-47

Tel: (229) 91-55-50-50

(229) 61-03-60-60 / 95-84-24-52


Applicants should make an appointment with one of the above physicians and present 10 ID pictures which shall be affixed on the medical report by the Doctor. Applicants must bring their passports, the NVC letter and the confirmation page of the DS-260. Refugees must bring a document with their picture for verification of their identity. If the doctor finds no medical conditions which would preclude the issuance of a visa, he/she will return the medical forms and the test results to the applicant. If there are questions about the medical results, the doctor will send the report directly to the Embassy.