United States Launches Initiative to Improve Open Governance in 20 Communes in Benin

On January 14, Ambassador Mahoney opened a two-day workshop on open governance with the Mayor of Porto Novo and his staff, as well as President of Social Watch Benin Blanche Sonon. The workshop is part of the $375,000 Africa Regional Democracy Fund grant to Social Watch Benin to improve open governance in 20 communes throughout the country.

In her speech, Ambassador Mahoney highlighted the importance of accountability in the day-to-day practice of democracy. She also underscored the role of both citizens and their leaders in ensuring transparency and open governance so that local leaders can enact policies that benefit all citizens.

Ambassador Mahoney was honored to be made a “cityonne d’honneur de la ville de Porto Novo” by Mayor Charlemagne Yankoty, demonstrating the strong partnership between the commune and the United States. In the commune, the U.S. has several ongoing projects related to education, governance, health, and GBV prevention.