U.S. Federal Women’s Program Reaches Out to Students of CEG Houeyiho

A U.S. Embassy delegation led by members of the U.S. Federal Women’s Program visited Collège d’Enseignement Général Houeyiho in Cotonou on March 23, 2023 to promote gender equity, share career advice with over 300 students, and donate books to the school’s library. 

The U.S. Federal Women’s Program is an initiative of the U.S. Government for the advancement of women and gender equity.  In an opening address, Federal Women’s Program Coordinator Ebony Mahoney encouraged students to “be the change agent needed to overcome challenges that limit the abilities of women to fully commit to a more successful Benin” and asked the students to commit to providing their peers with the support needed to break the barriers that often restrict women’s career advancement and growth.  

A panel of U.S. Embassy staff discussed with students professional career choices, scholarship, internship, and mentorship programs, and the value of learning English as a professional tool.  U.S. Federal Women’s Program Co-Coordinator Frémyot Noukpokinnou also shared information about resources the U.S. Embassy provides through its American Spaces to help students and professionals. The U.S. Embassy donated over 200 books to the school’s library. CEG Houeyiho will manage the books for the benefit of current and future students.