The United States Helps Protect Vulnerable People from COVID-19 in Benin

COTONOU, Benin, May 20, 2021 – The United States Government is providing protective equipment and health supplies to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including among orphans, older people, and people with disabilities, in the departments of Alibori, Atacora, Ouémé, and Plateau.

The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), presented a selection of materials to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs and Microfinance at a ceremony in Cotonou.

Across the four departments, the United States is helping educate people about COVID-19, promoting healthy practices to limit transmission, and equipping health workers to respond to the disease and continue providing life-saving health services by:

  • Delivering protective equipment and health supplies to 2811 community health workers, 316 health facilities, and 96 care centers for approximately 7000 orphans, older people, and people with disabilities; and
  • Working with Departmental Directorates of Health, Departmental Directorates of Social Affairs and Microfinance, and mayors in the departments of Alibori, Atacora, Ouémé, and Plateau to coordinate local level COVID-19 response.

Through USAID, the United States is providing $1.2 million in health assistance across the four departments, as part of its larger package of $4.5 million for the response to COVID-19 throughout Benin. In total, the United States is supplying 417,400 surgical masks, 22,568 cloth masks for adults, 3218 cloth masks for children, 7400 boxes of gloves, 2673 liters of hand sanitizer, 632 infrared thermometers, 169 megaphones, 100 handwashing stations, and other support materials in the four departments.

“These materials symbolize our partnership with the Beninese people, not only in our fight against COVID-19, but also in our partnership towards a safer, healthier, and more prosperous future for all,” said U.S. Ambassador Patricia Mahoney during the ceremony.

The United States is promoting global health security to advance a more peaceful, prosperous, and democratic world. In addition to supporting Benin’s response to COVID-19, the United States provided $25 million to fight malaria, improve maternal and child health, and meet the need for family planning in Benin in 2020.