Military Affairs and Security Cooperation

U.S. military and security cooperation programs in Benin promote U.S. foreign policy by enhancing the long-term bilateral defense relationship between Benin and the United States.  U.S. Embassy Cotonou collaborates in managing these programs with the regional Office of Security Cooperation in Accra, Ghana.  In addition to providing support for joint military exercises, U.S. Embassy Cotonou’s Security Cooperation team supports U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) training, development, and aid programs in Benin such as the State Partnership Program, IMET, ACSS, ACOTA, FMF, Section 1206, GPOI, Africa Partnership Station, the Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program, and any other security cooperation programs that involve Benin.  U.S. Embassy Cotonou’s Security Cooperation team maintains strong relationships with the Beninese Ministry of Defense and its armed forces in order to further the common security interests of the United States and Benin.  Our security cooperation initiatives provide Benin’s armed services with training and development opportunities that increase their capacity to protect their territory and to contribute to greater regional and global security.

As another avenue of U.S.-Benin military cooperation, U.S. Embassy Cotonou also handles the Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, known as DHAPP.  The global HIV/AIDS epidemic negatively affects many militaries by reducing readiness, limiting deployments, causing physical or emotional decline in infected individuals and their families, posing risks to military personnel and their extended communities, and impeding peacekeeping activities.  U.S. Embassy Cotonou’s DHAPP HIV/AIDS program for the Beninese Armed Forces includes various HIV/AIDS prevention, counseling and testing, care and treatment activities for the uniformed services.