First Ever English Clubs Summit in Benin

PAS Cotonou organized Benin’s first ever English Clubs Summit, which gathered 132 English club leaders from all over the country for a three-day training and networking program. The program, funded by a grant from Embassy Cotonou, was implemented by the Benin National Teachers of English Association (BNTEA) in partnership with “Titigweti English Club,” the largest English club in the country. Regional English Language Officer Eran Williams shared his perspective on the growth of English clubs as a West African phenomenon, and their importance as a tool to develop English fluency outside of the classroom. English Language Specialist Dr. Annaliese Hausler-Akpovi, who served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin in the 1990s, shared the concept of service learning, and her own reflections on the growth of English use in Benin. 

In smaller workshops, participants learned about designing and executing English clubs’ activities, accessing English language resources, study in the United States, applying for grants with the U.S. Embassy, and how to improve their leadership skills in managing their clubs. . Public Affairs officer Kanishka Gangopadhyay gave opening remarks and the event received substantial press coverage from local media.