Emergency visa appointement Policy

In certain emergency circumstances, applicants who cannot wait for a normal visa interview appointment may request an expedited appointment at the US Embassy in Cotonou.

Emergencies include an unplanned need and immediate urgency to travel, such as a medical emergency, hospitalization, funeral or court appearance in a US court. Personal travels for pleasure, routine business trips or an imminent return to university in the United States do not meet the criteria for emergency appointment.

Individuals requiring an expedited appointment must first have scheduled a regular appointment and have completed the DS-160 form online. If the available appointment is made after the required travel date and the trip is urgent, applicants must submit their request via email to NIVCotonou@state.gov  for an expedited appointment. The request must include the following information:

  1. Name:
  2. Have you ever been denied a visa? (Yes No):
  3. If yes, when / where / what type of visa:
  4. Telephone number:

5.Your appointment date / time:

6.Reason for emergency appointments (funeral, medical emergency)

7.Date of departure:

8.Number of people traveling with you:

9.Briefly explain the nature of the emergency:


Keep in mind that the expedited interview does not increase a candidate’s chances of obtaining a US visa. Non-immigrant visa applicants must still prove that they meet the requirements of the visa category in question. An approved expedited appointment simply means that the applicant is granted an earlier visa interview date.

Emergency requests will not be considered if the applicant has not already made an interview appointment using the normal procedure.

Submit only one application per trip and per person. Submitting multiple requests for the same trip or individuals will only delay our