Details on Funding Programs


Here are different funding opportunities available at the embassy.

Through its public diplomacy small grants program, U.S. Embassy Cotonou welcomes applications for educational, cultural and development projects led by Beninese citizens, by local NGOs, and educational institutions. U.S. citizens may apply in conjunction with Beninese groups. Projects must help Beninese better understand the society, culture, and values of the United States. Proposals can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. The Public Affairs Section usually takes 2-3 months to review and make awards. Grants are typically in the range of 1,000 – 5,000 USD. While co-sponsor funding is not required, it greatly adds to the likelihood that your project will be selected. Funds are extremely limited, and we generally cannot fund food, entertainment, alcohol or the travel of non-U.S. citizens from the U.S. to Benin.

We do not fund Beninese travel to the U.S. or other countries via this program. We cannot fund building or infrastructure projects. Projects consisting only of a single meeting or brief conference are also discouraged. The public diplomacy section administers special grants to further mission goals when funding exists, if applicable notice of funding opportunities will be posted below.

Public Affairs Small Grants Program Notice of Funding Opportunity

This fund was established to help less developed countries preserve cultural heritage and demonstrate US respect for other world cultures. This program offers assistance to governmental agencies, community groups or individuals who wish to preserve a cultural site, object, collection or traditional expression.

Ambassador’s Funds for Cultural Preservation Funding Opportunity

The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund (SSH) assists Beninese community groups to develop lasting, self-sustaining projects that benefit entire communities.  SSH grants in Benin have contributed to agricultural modernization, economic development, combatting early marriages and gender-based violence, improving sanitation, empowering women, improving learning conditions, and greater access to clean water, health services, and education.  Each year, the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund supports approximately six to ten projects with grants typically under $5,000.

Grants from this program are awarded to non-governmental organizations and community groups to carry out small development projects.  The goal of this program is to encourage community involvement and the use of local resources and expertise to improve basic economic and social conditions of the local community.

2019 Ambassador’s Special Self Help Fund Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), (PDF, 375 KB)

The Embassy administers the Humanitarian Assistance Program (HA), which is designed to offer friendly nations and allies of the United States support, basic humanitarian aid, and services to their populations in need.  Through this program, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) seeks to help avert humanitarian crises, promote democratic development and regional stability, build local capacity, and enable countries to begin to recover from conflicts.  HA projects are managed by the DOD, and awards may be granted to governmental agencies, as well as non-governmental organizations and community groups to support DOD’s program objectives.  Projects eligible for the HA program fall into three major categories including education, health, and basic infrastructure.

The Humanitarian Assistance Program (HA)

Please email or call the SSH/HA Coordinator, Cosme Quenum, with any questions at or Telephone:  21 36 77 24.

When funding opportunities are avalaible, you can find them here.