CDA Laura Hruby’s recent visit up north

CDA Laura Hruby visited two schools in Bouka and Derassi on Monday November 19. She saw first hand the results of USDA-CRS Food For Education program. The program aims at increasing school attendance by providing a nourishing meal. The program also educated students, families and community members on good sanitation, food preparation, and stock management practices, as well as nutritional guidance. In Derassi, a school garden project has been established to reduce the parental financial contribution, and teach self sustaining skills. A recent development has been the introduction of a rabbit breeding program, which began recently, that ties in the garden project.

In Nikki, CDA Laura Hruby met with city officials to reinforce our continued support to all of Benin. She participated in a historical and cultural tour of the Baatonu population. Then viewed the launch of the Gaani Festival.

On November 21, CDA Laura Hruby visited Talaro, an American cashew processing factory which is now exporting to thr USA. Talaro supports an NGO Pfp which holds weekly classes for women in the surrounding area to assist with  life skills in finance, health and sanitation. They have established a gardening project in which the produce is sold to Talaro for the subsidized meals for employees.